Introduction to R and Data Analysis

The course provides an introductory training in R, a leading programming language and analytical package for data science. It is intended for those with limited or no previous experience with the said software.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Familiarize with the basic features and powerful statistical tools of R; and
  • Gain a working knowledge and experience on how to undertake basic research in social sciences using R.

Requirement: Laptop, with installed R software (Download here.)

Registration fee: PhP 5,000 (inclusive of meals, kit, and certificate)

To register, click here.


About the trainors

Miann Banaag is a Statistician at the Ateneo Policy Center, a public think tank housed in the Ateneo School of Government. Her work includes empirical research on political inequality and dynasties, and policy research on the anti-drug campaign of the current administration. Through her experience in the industry and her training as a former faculty member, she has specialized in statistical data management, data analysis and statistical modeling using common softwares in the industry and academe such as R, SAS, SQL, SPSS, Excel and Stata.

Jerik Cruz is an Economist at the Ateneo Policy Center. Having completed his Masters in Development Studies from the Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement of Geneva in 2016, he handles the Business and Government program of the Ateneo Policy Center.  Prior to this, he worked in policy research organizations, focusing on issues such as taxation, industrial policy and sustainable development. Currently, Jerik is also a Lecturer at the Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of Economics.

Jayvy R. Gamboa is a Research Assistant at the Ateneo Policy Center. He studied Economics (Honors Program) at the Ateneo de Manila University. He also participated in an exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government at The University of Texas at Austin last Spring 2016. Jayvy is concurrently a student at the University of the Philippines College of Law.

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